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Our mission is to increase American manufacturing. We are doing this by raising awareness and providing options on where to go to buy American made goods, and by raising start-up money through crowd funding to build an e-commerce site dedicated solely to premium products made in the USA.

Many big name retail companies make billions selling goods made in foreign countries. Cheap labor and corporate greed have made it easy to forget about American values, and the impact has nearly eliminated production capabilities in the United States. Small businesses are trying to reverse that trend and there is a growing rally cry around purchasing goods made in the USA. To continue the momentum, your commitment to look for and purchase goods made in the United States is needed. We have made it easier to find American made products by compiling a list of companies and category descriptions in the American Made List.

In addition, we are asking for your support to fund a company dedicated to selling premium American Made merchandise. We have set up a banner page for companies to buy banner space to show they support manufacturing in the U.S.A., and we have set up a patriots page for individuals to make a contribution to support the cause. Companies with have a minimum of 10 years advertising with their banner. Individuals who choose to be listed will have their names listed on the patriots page for a minimum of 10 years, and be entitled to lifetime discounts as the company grows - a token of appreciation for taking a risk on a startup with a noble cause - to build the brands that are re-building America.

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The Made in America List

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